In the coming blogs, I will write about the stories I have written for Nuki the lucky puppy. All the stories I write contain a beautiful life lesson. Things that matter in life, and what life is really about. One of my favorite stories is ‘Be happy with who you are’. I see it as the heart of all the stories I have written because true happiness starts from within yourself: self-love.

My intention to write this story was to make it more easy for parents to start an early dialogue with their children about their insecurities. Everybody has insecurities, no exception for that. But it is how we deal with these insecurities, and what kind of positive energy we put on those insecurities to heal these holes. Most of us never learned how to deal with this. We just put it away.

By writing this story, I hope I can create some awareness within ourselves. The story starts with Nuki. He looks in the mirror and is upset. He thinks that his tail is too big, and besides that, he cannot sing as well as Richy does. Mommy tells Nuki, that his tail is fluffy and cute, and that he is good at drawing. She then tells him: “Remember Nuki. Be happy with who you are.” After that, you see every friend of Nuki has its own insecurities, but in the end, they all realize that they are all beautiful and that they are all good at something.

By reading my book or watching the cartoon, you can start talking to your child. Ask them if they understand what this story is about. Ask them how they feel about themselves. Ask them about some characteristics they like or may not like. Ask them what they love to do. Maybe you can talk about your own insecurities when you were young.  Tell them how you overcame those insecurities. With this story, I also want to encourage everybody to focus on the talents of their children, instead of focussing on the things they are not good at. Everybody has its own talent and it’s very important to focus on this and encourage them to do the things they like. This is how you complete yourself and start loving yourself. Accepting yourself for who you are.

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De Nederlandse versie: ‘Wees blij met wie je bent’

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