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Welcome to the website of Nuki the lucky puppy! I create video's for kids on YouTube. The stories of Nuki are all about happiness. I want to share valuable life lessons in a fun-loving manner. Nuki will learn how to be happy with who he is, be thankful, listen to his heart and to believe in his dreams. Enjoy my videos!


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Ep. 1 | LOVING YOURSELF | Be happy with who you are

Ep. 2 | EMBRACING NEW SITUATIONS | Nuki’s first day of school

Ep. 3 | FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS | Nuki wants a robot 

Ep. 4 | BEING THANKFUL | The ‘Thank-you game’

Ep. 5 | BEING POSITIVE | Nuki and the grumpy Panda



Nuki in de Bios!

Super VET nieuws! Nuki het gelukshondje zal te zien zijn in de BIOSCOOP (!!!) tijdens het Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam – WFFR. WFFR is een vijfdaags filmfestival dat volledig in het teken staat van wildlife Read more…

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